Church tours

Please note: All regular tours are in German. For an English tour on request please contact the church office.

Church art at a glance

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 12:45pm after midday service.

Tours of the ministers’ hall

Ascension day, Reformation day after the service at 12:15 and 1 p.m. and on the Tag des Offenen Denkmals (open monument day) (please contact info(at) for times)

Discover St. Jacobi by candlelight

In November, we invite you to a spiritual church tour. As the church year goes from darkness into light, after passing through Eternity Sunday, and before the first Sunday of Advent, we go from the west portal into the darkened church, gradually illuminating it with candles, listen to texts that inspire reflection and stillness, and discover what can happen in Advent. The darkness surrendering to the warmth of candlelight throughout the church and its artistic treasures is a special experience. The event is hosted by church leaders of St. Jacobi and pastor Lisa Tsang, followed by a small snack.

Organ tour

Every Thursday at 12 noon.


The southern nave features exhibitions of modern art several times a year. It is fascinating to see how the late-Gothic space works with the modern art and increases its impact.

There has been a strong cooperation between the main church of St Jacobi and the art house, KunstHaus am Schüberg in Ammersbek. The southern nave provides an ideal location for the shared desire to revitalise the dialogue between art and the church.