Liturgy and Learning

Themed worship services

Every year, we celebrate three special memorial services at St. Jacobi:

22 March: We welcome the victim support association, Der Weiße Ring, and together with Bishop Kirsten Fehrs, remember victims of violence.

10 September: On World Suicide Prevention Day, we join those left behind by suicide, to remember those they have lost in our prayers and in our thoughts. This is a space for memories and grieving, for community, and the creation of new hope.

On the second-last Sunday of the church year, the “Volkstrauertag” (National Day of Mourning), we commemorate the people who lost their lives at the borders of the EU, while trying to flee across the Mediterranean. This service focuses on the dignity of the dead and our responsibility for saving lives, and is planned and prepared together with the commissioner for human rights, migration and flight of the Nordkirche (northern church organisation), the centre for mission and ecumenism of Nordkirche, the grassroots community group “Brot & Rosen” (bread and roses) and other ecumenical partners and those involved in refugee work.

All services begin at 6pm.

Interfaith Women’s Afternoons

Christian women of different denominations and Muslim women meet twice a year to discuss religious topics, like fasting, or the significance of Mary. The personal exchanges help foster closeness and understanding. One afternoon takes place in St. Jacobi, and the other at the Al-Nour Mosque. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Lisa Tsang.

Panel Discussions

You are warmly invited to attend out regular panel discussions and lectures on current social and theological issues with the Evangelische Akademie der Nordkirche (Protestant academy of the Nordkirche), and other partners. These are announced on the website and in the parish letter Vox Jacobi.