Cross of Lights and Prayer for Ukraine

If you want to pray for peace in the Ukraine, our church is open daily from 11:00-17:00. We have lit a cross of lights in front of the altar in the south nave as a place of contemplation and prayer.

If you want to pray at home or in our church but you are having trouble finding the right words, we offer you this prayer:

In this time, where war is once again threatning Europe,
we pray to God to grant us peace:

Merciful God,
You see how small our power is
to stop those who abuse theirs.
Look mercifully upon the suffering and lamentation
of those who suffer under the war in Ukraine.
Deliver from the hardships war brings with it:
Let those who lost their houses dwell in their home again.
Feed the hungry,
comfort those who weep, unite those who were separated.
Make us an instrument of your justice and peace.
Soften the hearts of those who have grown cold-hearted and bitter.
Preserve us from the tyranny of the powerful in this world
And make them realize their limitations.
Bless us with your peace!