Head Pastor and Provost Astrid Kleist has been the pastoral director of St. Jacobi since 2013, and is the face of the church to the public. As one of seven provosts in the Hamburg-East district, she is the spiritual director of the Alster-East district. She is also one of seven vice-presidents of the Lutheran World Federation, responsible for the central-western European region. Together with the Chief Executive of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Astrid Kleist is responsible for the work of the St. Jacobi Round Table, a forum made up of representatives from church, social welfare, commercial, political, police, administrative and social institutions that works for social peace and the well-being of all people in the inner city.

Lisa Tsang is a pastor at the main church St. Jacobi. Her duties include pastoral care, church services, and assisting volunteers. She coordinates the charitable activities of St. Jacobi, and represents them in the network of the city’s social initiatives.

As a theological specialist, Pastor Thorsten Gloge assists the head pastor and provost with research, organisation, and preparation of events and work with various committees as well as in her work for the Lutheran World Federation.

Pastor Patrick Klein is the Hamburg police pastor, and preaches from St. Jacobi. Here he celebrates community church services and police church services, and also provides pastoral care for serving members of the police in their duties.