Regular and current offers from the pilgrimage centre

  • Vespers for pilgrims: first Thursday of every month from 6pm in the St. Jacobi church
  • In silence around the Alster: the second Friday of every month from 6pm (meeting point at the pilgrim signpost in the St. Jacobi churchyard).
  • Pilgrims’ fair: once a year at the end of February in St. Jacobi, this is the largest information event in Germany on the subject of pilgrimages, and provides an important meeting point for all interested parties and experts.
  • Symposium: about every two years, the pilgrim centre hosts a symposium with the goal of better understanding pilgrims and gathering new ideas.
  • end-of-season pilgrimage: at the end of the pilgrimage season in November, there are pilgrimages from several starting points to St. Jacobi followed by a pilgrimage service and supper.
  • Meeting of the pilgrimage team: the team of committed volunteers meets with the pilgrim’s pastor once a month, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, to discuss their plans and current pilgrimage work.
  • Pilgrim's meet-up: check